Christmas glassware

We offer decorative glassware for different festive occasions. The three main categories are Christmas, Easter and all-season glassware.

Our classic Christmas themes are: Winter, Hut House, Tomtit, Bullfinch and Pine Twig. Our classic Easter and all-season themes are: Spring, Daisy and Lace Ribbon. Most themes come in several colour lines.

Each collection contains glassware in various shapes (balls, baubles, goblets, bowls etc.) and sizes.

szkło bożonarodzeniowe - producent
szkło świąteczne

Manufacturer of decorative glassware

Our glassware is uniquely decorated with subtle and beautiful colours. To reach the highest quality and create the desired decoration we use a variety of techniques and tools.

As a manufacturer of decorative glassware, we are continuously implementing new, natural materials, decorative paints and varnishes, especially those based on water.