anioły ceramiczne - figurki ozdobne gliniane ornaments, decorations, LED Ceramic Figures see ceramic Angels

szkło na boże narodzenie - ozdoby glass decorations, candlesticks, lanterns Decorative glassware see Christmas decorations

ręcznie robione ozdoby świąteczne z ceramiki hand shaped and painted Hand made zobacz O Nas about us

Manufacturer of ceramic and glass decorations

Our clients are retail stores, malls, garden centres and other entities operating in the interior decoration industry.

Various types of figures and lanterns for Christmas are the largest part of our product range.

We create interior decorations that bring warmth and cosiness to our homes during Advent and Christmas.

We realize that the tastes and preferences of our customers are varied, which is why our product range goes from simple and subdued forms all the way to glittery with vivid colours and shiny finishes.

With each new season, we offer both ceramics and glassware with colour combinations that are current and trendy.  Our customers can compose their own sets from different parts of our collections in either the same colour range or mix and match any style or colour.

Because all of our products are handmade in-house, we can produce custom-made colour palettes on request.

For the winter season we recommend various types of festive ceramic figures: angels, baubles, snowmen, candlesticks and glass lanterns. Some of the figures have built-in LED modules and can serve as an exceptional lamp.

For Easter, we offer collections of eggs, bunnies, chicks – all in fresh, pastel spring colours.

We hope that this short overview will encourage you to browse our entire product range.

LED lanterns - illuminated ceramics

Ambience and light – shapes with LED modules.

A large part of our products is decorated with handmade cut-outs.

Cut-out ornaments make the product stand out and a tea light or a candle can be added for a warm glow.

Even more functional are the forms with an integrated LED module and included power supply. These are not traditional lamps, but when plugged in, they will illuminate your home.

Lighting of this type is very cost-effective and safe.

Ceramic and glass decorations

anioły ceramiczne - figurki ozdobne gliniane
jaja ceramiczne - figurki ozdobne gliniane wielkanocne
figurki z gliny całoroczne - jak ćmielów

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