Ceramics on the Christmas table

Our collection of Christmas ceramics varies in choice of forms and colours. Traditionally, Christmas decorations are various types of baubles, balls and lanterns.

They look beautiful on the festive table, window sill or fireplace. Smaller forms can be hung on a Christmas tree or a decorative hanger.


Functional ceramics

We also produce angels, cut-out and illuminated ceramic Christmas trees, various kinds of snowman figures, Santa Clauses, reindeer and candlesticks. The smallest ones are about 10-15 cm in size, while the largest ones reach 120 cm in height.

Ceramic clay products

Every season, we dress our ceramic clay products in colours that match the current trends. Typically these are 2 or 3 new colours that we add to the collection. Usually, along with the new colour line comes a new product.

As a manufacturer of decorative ceramics, we make every effort to ensure that our collection is always attractive and up to date.